Penis Pumps – Get a bigger penis safe and naturally

Looking for penis enlargement? No matter where you are looking, you’ll find different advice on each website. Some will tell you pills are the best, some will tell you only extenders really work, others will tell you pills and extenders are bad and only exercises work. We want to present you fundamental facts and let you decide what’s best. In my opinion it’s pumps, since it’s the only thing that worked really well for me.

Penis Pills

There are dozens if not hundreds of different pill brands, often named after other very popular brands, e.g. Viagra. They are called Vigrx, Roaring Tiger Vigrx Plus, Vigarx, Pro Solution Pills, Neosize XL, Power Enlarge Pro, Virility Pills, Extagen, Male Extra, Sir Maximus, Natural XL, Vimax, Natural Gain Plus, Nitro Herbal, Virigain, Maxirex, Sizepro Ultra. Let’s stop here, that’s just a few and I could continue all day long.

Doctors are smiling at you from their websites, they all claim to have some scientific study but don’t publish it for some reason, they all tell you how great and effective their ingredients are. After having a look at the ingredients, you’ll quickly recognize they are always the same: Horny goat weed, tongcat ali, saw palmetto, yohimbe, maca, muira puama, ginseng, ginko, l-arginine, pumpkin, tribulus terrestis, fenugreek.

I personally tested 6 different pills and none of them did work. It’s not like these herbs would be dangerous, but they simply do nothing. After several days of research I didn’t find a single real scientific study proving the claims of the pills manufacturers. If one of those pills would work, why isn’t the formula patented? Pfizer patented sildenafil for a reason after discovering harder erections as a side effect of the substance that was originally an experimental drug to treat high blood pressure. They made billions with Viagra. In reality, natural penis supplements are simply overpriced plant extracts. If you have a look at the wholesale prices for the substances I mentioned above and do a little math, you’ll quickly find out that the profit margin in the male enhancement pills industry is at least in the 5000% range. A bottle of pills that effectively costs the manufacturer $1 sells for $50. Decide yourself, but I’d avoid buying something that doesn’t have any proven effect for a few thousand times it’s manufacturing cost.

Sure, just buying pills and watching your penis grow is a nice dream, there certainly is some sort of placebo effect, but no measurable size gain, neither permanent, nor temporary. Even worse: If you don’t read the fine print, you’ll often end up with recurring credit card billing after a so called “free trial”. Be smart, avoid pills at all cost.


Penis Extenders

These devices are attached to the penis, fixed at the glans and stretch the penis via two adjustable rods. To avoid injuries by stretching too much, some of them have a visual traction display, from green to red. By stretching the penis over a longer time period of several hours, painless micro-fissures will occur. When these fissures heal, new tissue develops.

In theory, these pulling devices work great, they increase size in flaccid and erect state, but they have two major flaws. First, you should wear them a few hours daily, over a period of several weeks and/or months, for measurable results. Very uncomfortable at night and wearing them while at work or outside the house isn’t possible since everybody will easily spot the extender through your trousers. Manufacturers claim their are invisible, but they aren’t, at least if you and your environment aren’t visibly impaired and you aren’t wearing wide tracksuit pants all day. Fast movements often result in painful moments or the holding straps slipping off the glans. Second, pulling elastic things makes them thinner, easily comprehensible when pulling a thick rubber band: It becomes longer and thinner. That’s exactly what happens to your penis when using extenders, you gain length by sacrificing girth. It’s not like your manhood will look like a pencil afterwards, but real penis enlargement means an overall growth in length and girth, a thin penis neither looks good, nor feels good for a woman.


Hanging weights to your penis is an ancient technique used before someone invented penis extenders. They are even more uncomfortable to wear and there is a high risk of permanently damaging your penis when accidentally using too much weight. Results could be permanent erection problems of even total impotence (ED, erectile dysfunction). You’ll rarely find offers for penis weights any more anyway, so just stay away from them, an outdated method doing more harm than good.

Penis Exercises

Techniques for manual exercises, often called jelqing, are applied in semi-erect state by pushing, pulling and squeezing the penis in different directions. Popular exercises include dry and wet jelqing, the double squeeze, flaccid bending and a lot more. The history of jelqing seems to go back more than 2000 years in time, rumors say they have their origin in ancient Egypt and Africa, ancient drawings are supporting this theory. Famous penis exercise programs leading to proven results are Penis Advantage and Penis Enlargement Remedy for example, PER also includes a pretty sophisticated new approach based on triggering the stem cell production in your body. I’ve personally done it a lot, works without a doubt, just feels a little strange for the first time because there is a huge difference between masturbating and jelqing, you have to learn to control your erections because jelqing in fully erect state could cause injuries you want to avoid.


Last but not least, there are penis pumps, two types of them. The air based pumps are meant to create a strong vacuum that pulls the maximum amount of blood into your penis in a very short time. They are used to treat ED and enable men who can’t get an erection the normal way to have sex after using the pump. These air based pumps aren’t meant for penis enlargement for a simple reason: Their vacuum is extremely strong, so blood flows into the penis and is staunched, only very little blood flows back into the body. This effect gives you a hard erection, but can result in a venous thrombosis if the vacuum is maintained too long.

To minimize this risk and make the whole process more comfortable, modern penis enlargement pumps use a hydrotherapy system, meaning the vacuum is based on water instead of air. They are used with warm water in the shower or the bathtub and are the safest but still most effective way to make you penis grow permanently. Nice side effect: Pumping has an instant effect, while permanent enlargement with them takes time, you can temporarily enlarge your penis in one day with them anyway. The instant boost in girth and length you’ll see after using your penis pump lasts for a few hours.

The most popular product is manufactured by Hydromax, a company from the UK. Their Bathmate, Hydromax and Xtreme series features a fine selection of different pumps in different sizes with maximum comfort and control. Maybe unimportant to you, but in contrast to the usual ED pumps they also look good. I’ve been using one of their pumps for several month, every morning when having a shower, perfectly fits my daily routine without spending too much extra time (about 20 minute) to enlarge my penis. For quickest results, combine your daily pumping session with some jelqing in the evening.

In the beginning, you penis may feel a little uncomfortable, especially if you want to force growth too much. Just skip a day, while pumping just once a week won’t help, but all results you achieved are permanent, so no hurry. Pay attention to their size recommendations and the size calculator to pick the right size and suction force depending on your current penis length and width/girth. They are offering a 60 day risk free money back guarantee for their customers, so make sure to buy from the official website and avoid resellers.

Bottom line

Many male enhancement products are snake oil, especially the so called enlargement pills. Fortunately, there are inexpensive methods that actually work, including exercises, pumps and surgery. I didn’t mention surgery earlier because it’s really the last resort, comes with quite a few risks and costs thousands of dollars. It’s a solution for men with a pathologically small penis, often called micro penis, but shouldn’t be an option for men with average or slightly below average penis size.

Never let your penis size dominate your thoughts or affect your self-confidence. Sure, having a big penis certainly boosts your ego, but there is more about a man than just the size of his dick.